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245 1 4 _aThe project management book /
_cRichard Newton.
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260 _aHarlow, England :
100 _aNewton, Richard.
300 _axv, 277 p. :
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_c21 cm.
020 _a9780273785866
500 _aIncludes index.
650 7 _aProject management.
505 0 _aPreface Introduction PART 1: THE FOUNDATIONS Projects Project management The role of the project manager Customers, clients and users PART 2: SETTING UP YOUR PROJECT Defining your project Objectives, deliverables and tasks Building a plan Estimating and resourcing PART 3: UTILISING THE TEAM, SPONSOR AND STAKEHOLDERS The high-performance project team Global and offshore teams The effective sponsor A productive stakeholder community PART 4: DELIVERING THE PROJECT Managing progress: perform, deliver, accomplish What project managers need to know Understanding project risk Value-added project reporting PART 5: PRACTICAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT Making risk management real The temptations and costs of multi-tasking The right and wrong uses of the plan on a page Audit, assure, control or coach the project? PART 6: THE PROJECT ENVIRONMENT Prioritisation The culture of delivery The limits to planning and prediction Dealing with external problems PART 7: INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT The strengths and limits of project management Bridging the divide: project and change managers From delivery to benefits realisation The lessons from lean and six sigma PART 8: ALIGNING PROJECTS TO BUSINESS NEEDS High-speed project management Delivering in a cost-constrained environment Optionality in projects Who has a valid interest in the project? PART 9: CHALLENGING PROJECTS Taking over the project no-one is running Not seeing the wood for the trees The customers who do not know what they want Delivering in times of change PART 10: THE IMPROVING PROJECT MANAGER Learning from projects Best practice, continuous improvement and accreditation Adopting a new project management approach Building a project delivery capability GLOSSARY INDEX.
246 3 _aProject management book
730 0 _aThe project management book : How to Manage Your Projects To Deliver Outstanding Results.
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