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010 _a 2018942626
020 _a9783319928067
040 _aUOWD
082 _a681.2 EL DY
100 _aElhoseny, Mohamed
245 0 0 _aDynamic wireless sensor networks :
_bnew directions for smart technologies /
_cMohamed Elhoseny, Aboul Ella Hassanien
260 _aCham, Switzerland :
300 _axxii, 191 p. :
_bcol. ill.;
_c25 cm.
490 _aStudies in systems, decision and control ;
505 _aPart I WSN for Complex and Mobile-based Applications.- Mobile Object Tracking in Wide Environments Using WSNs.- Expand Mobile WSN Coverage in Harsh Environments.- Hierarchical and Clustering WSN models: Their requirements for Complex Applications.- Extending Homogeneous WSN lifetime in Dynamic Environments Using the Clustering Model.- Optimizing Cluster Head selection in WSN to prolong its existence.- Part II WSN for Secure Data Processing and Live Data Aggregation.- Secure Data Transmission in WSN: An Overview.- An Encryption model for data processing in WSN.- Using Wireless Sensor to Acquire Live Data on a SCADA system, Towards Monitoring File Integrity.
520 _aThis book provides a collection of high-quality research works that address broad challenges in both theoretical and applied aspects of dynamic wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for intelligent and smart applications in a variety of environments.
650 _aWireless sensor networks
650 _aCOMPUTERS / General