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100 1 _aDavies, William
245 1 0 _aNervous states :
_bhow feeling took over the world /
_cWilliam Davies
260 _aLondon :
_bJonathan cape,
300 _axviii, 252 p. ;
_c24 cm.
520 _aIn this bold and far-reaching exploration of our new political landscape, William Davies reveals how feelings have come to reshape our world. Drawing deep on history, philosophy, psychology and economics, he shows how some of the fundamental assumptions that defined the modern world have dissolved. With advances in medicine and the spread of digital and military technology, the divisions between mind and body, war and peace are no longer so clear-cut. In the murky new space between mind and body, between war and peace, lie nervous states: with all of us relying increasingly on feeling rather than fact.
650 _aPhilosophy
650 _aPsychology
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