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100 _aNoroc, Mihaela
245 _aThe atlas of beauty :
_bwomen of the world in 500 portraits /
_cMihaela Noroc
246 _aThe atlas of beauty : women of the world in five hundred portraits
260 _aNew York :
_bPenguin Books,
300 _a351 p. :
_bcol. ill. ;
_c25 cm.
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520 _aSince 2013 Mihaela Noroc has travelled the world with her backpack and camera taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity and beauty all around us. The Atlas of Beauty is a collection of her photographs that celebrates women from fifty countries across the globe and shows that beauty is everywhere, regardless of money, race or social status, and comes in many different sizes and colours. Mihaela's portraits feature women in their native environments, from the Amazon rain forest to markets in India, London city streets and parks in Harlem, creating a mirror of our varied cultures and proving that beauty has no rules.
650 _aPortraits
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