Hennink, Monique M.

Qualitative research methods Monique Hennink, Inge Hutter, Ajay Bailey - Los Angeles : SAGE, c2011. - xxiii, 304 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Hennink (global health, Emory U., US) and Hutter (demography, U. of Groningen, the Netherlands) developed this text based on training workshops on qualitative research conducted in Europe, Asia, and Africa over the course of a decade. Written together with contributor Bailey (U. of Groningen), it is intended to introduce the process of qualitative research to novice and more advanced qualitative researchers across disciplines and fieldwork sites. It is based on and structured according to the Hutter-Hennink qualitative research cycle model, which consists of a "research design cycle" addressing the research question, literature and theory, the conceptual framework, and the field work approach; an "ethnographic cycle" addressing the design research instrument, recruitment of participants, collection of data, and inference making; and an "analytic cycle," devoted to the development of theory, development codes, description and comparison, and categorization and conceptualization.


Social sciences--Research
Qualitative research


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