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Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
ACCY111 Business Accounting Fundamentals in Society Summer2020
BCM110 Business Introduction to Communication and Media Summer2020
ACCY801 Business Accounting and Financial Management Summer2020
Gupta, Namrata
FIN926 Business Advanced Managerial Finance Summer2020
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
FIN923 Business Advanced Portfolio Management Summer2020
Muhammed, Naeem
ECON339 Business Applied Financial Modelling Summer2020
GERTH, Florian
CSCI323 Business Artificial Intelligence Summer2020
OPS113 Business Business Information Systems Summer2020
MGNT922 / OPS922 Business Business Research project Summer2020
MGNT915 Business Change Management Summer2020
Jayashree, Payyazhi
MARK936 Business Consumer Behavior Summer2020
Vel, Prakash
FIN222 Business Corporate Finance Autumn2020
Muhammed, Naeem
MGNT909 Business Corporate Governance Summer2020
Guruswamy, Mohan
OPS909 Business Corporate Governance Summer2020
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
MARK956 Business Creating and Marketing New Products Summer2020
Shen, Kathy
CSCI361 Business Cryptography and Secure Applications Summer2020
Khelalfa, Halim
MMC901 Business Data Journalism: Research and Visualization Summer2020 No Require Textbook
ECON100 Business Economic Essentials for Business Summer2020
Shirazi, Asima
MATH142 Business Essentials of Engineering Mathematics Summer2020
Assane, Lo
No Textbook
FIN958 Business Financial Institutions Summer2020
LUTFI, Munir Musa
FIN941 Business Financial Skills for Entrepreneurs Summer2020
AlHares, Osama
FIN924 Business Financial Statement Analysis for Business Summer2020
AlHares, Osama
MATH060 Business Foundation Mathematics for Business Summer2020
Choucair, Ziad
No Required Textbook
INE301 Business Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer2020
Watfa, Mohamed
No Text Book
OPS952 Business Implementing Quality Systems Summer2020
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
MGNT984 Business International Business Strategies Summer2020
Temouri, Yama
ECTE399 Business Internship Autumn2020
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
No Text Book
CSCI350 Business Internship Summer2020
Lim, Hock Chuan
No Required Textbook
SOC103 Business Introduction Sociology Summer2020
Mallory, Michael
ARTS035 Business Introduction to Philosophy Summer2020
PSYC015 Business Introduction to Psychology Summer2020
Boutrid, Afnan
FIN111 Business Introductory Principles of Finance Summer2020
Gupta, Namrata
FIN930 Business Islamic Banking Summer2020
Muhammed, Naeem
MGNT969 Business Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection Summer2020
Mumtaz, Sabiha
MGNT903 Business Leading in Contemporary Organisations Summer2020
Mustafa, Mona
No Required Textbook
OPS928 Business Logistics Systems Management Summer2020
Sundarakani, Balan
ACCY211 Business Management Accounting II Summer2020
MGNT981 Business Managing in Multinational Companies Summer2020
Sehgal, Ritu
MBA902 Business Marketing Management Summer2020
MATH221 Business Mathematics for computer science Summer2020
MBA905 Business MBA905 Summer2020
MBA907 Business MBA907 Summer2020
FIN928 Business Multinational Financial Management Summer2020
Vikash Bora, RAMIAH
OPS216 Business Operations Management Summer2020
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
MGNT803 Business Organizational Behavior & Management Summer2020
Mumtaz, Sabiha
No Required Textbook
MARK804 Business Principles of Marketing Management Summer2020
Vel, Prakash
COMM101 Business Principles of Responsible Commerce Summer2020
Khan, Zeenath Reza
STAT131 Business Statistics Summer2020
Assane, Lo
MGNT930 Business Strategic Human Resource Management Autumn2020
Mumtaz, Sabiha
MGNT910 Business Strategic Management Summer2020
Guruswamy, Mohan
ECON802 / BUS802 Business The Economics of Global Business Challenges Summer2020
Kaul, Nandini
Shirazi, Asima
ECTE202 Engineering Circuits and systems Autumn2020
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
CSIT111 Engineering CSIT111 Summer2020
Tchantchane, Abdullatif
CSIT128 Engineering CSIT128 Summer2020
Mathew Biju, Soly
No Required Textbook
ECTE364 Engineering Data Communication Summer2020
Al-Khatib, Obada
ECTE233 Engineering Digital Hardware Autumn2020 No Required Textbook
MECH321 Engineering Dynamics of Engineering systems Autumn2020
MECH326 Engineering Dynamics of Mechanism Autumn2020
Asghar, Umar
ENGG454 Engineering ENGG454 Summer2020 No Required Text/ Recommended Reading
ENGG461 Engineering ENGG461 Summer2020 No Required Text/ Recommended Reading
ENGG105 Engineering Engineering Design and Sustainability Summer2020
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ENGG252 Engineering Engineering fluid mechanics Summer2020
ENGG955 Engineering Engineering Research Methods Summer2020
Watfa, Mohamed
No Required Textbook
ENVI030 Engineering Environmental Studies Summer2020
Wilkinson, Stephen
CSCI369 Engineering Ethical Hacking Autumn2020
Barachi, Mai El
ENGG956 Engineering Financial Management for Engineered Assets Autumn2020
LUTFI, Munir Musa
MATH070 Engineering Foundation Mathematics for CS and MIS Summer2020
Choucair, Ziad
ECTE324 Engineering Foundations in Electrical Energy Utilisation Autumn2020
Rajamani, Haile Addis
No Required Textbook
ENGG102 Engineering Fundamentals of engineering mechanics Summer2020
CSCI346 Engineering Game Development Autumn2020
Lim, Hock Chuan
GED010 Engineering GED010 Summer2020 NO TEXT BOOKS
GED020 Engineering GED020 Summer2020 NO TEXT BOOKS
CSIT226 Engineering HCI Summer2020
ISIT901 Engineering Information Systems Strategic Planning Autumn2020
Mohammad Yusof, Shafiz
CSIT214 Engineering IT Project Management Autumn2020
ISIT937 Engineering IT Security Autumn2020
Khelalfa, Halim
MECH203 Engineering Mechanical Workshop Practice Autumn2020
Hussain, Khalid
ECTE333 Engineering Microcontroller Architecture and Applications Autumn2020
CSIT242 Engineering Mobile Applications Autumn2020 No Required Textbook
ECTE482 Engineering Network Engineering Summer2020
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
CSCI368 Engineering Network Security Autumn2020
CSIT121 Engineering Object Oriented Design & Programming Summer2020
ECTE222 Engineering Power Engineering 1 Autumn2020
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ISIT301 Engineering Professional Practice and Ethics Summer2020
Khan, Zeenath Reza
VODA, Marie Laura
ENGG957 Engineering Project Implementation and Outsourcing Autumn2020
Gouda, Hazem
No Required Textbook
COMM121 Engineering Quantitative Methods Summer2020
CSIT324 Engineering Software Development Methodologies Autumn2020
Barachi, Mai El
No Req Textbook
ENGG954 Engineering Strategic Management for Engineers & Technologists Autumn2020
ENGG941 Engineering Sustainability for Engineers, Scientists and Professionals Summer2020 No Text Book
MECH341 Engineering Thermodynamics of engineering systems Autumn2020
ECTE465 Engineering Wireless Communication Systems Summer2020
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ARA102 LSC Arabic for Elementary Level Users
No Required Text book
MIR914 School of Humanities Current Dilemma's in International Relations: Geopolitics of the extended middle east Summer2020
Gueriche, William
EDGI900 School of Humanities EDGI900 Summer2020
AMR, Muna
ARTS017 School of Humanities Islamic Culture Summer2020
MIR901 School of Humanities Research Methods and Design Summer2020
AMR, Muna
Previously MIST926

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