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Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
MARK Business 956 Autumn17
GED010 Business Academic Study Skills Autumn17
Hysaj, Ajrina
ACCY801 Business Accounting and Financial Management Autumn17
ACCY111 Business Accounting Fundamentals in Society Autumn17
Gupta, Namrata
FIN923 Business Advanced Portfolio Management Autumn17
Muhammed, Naeem
ACCY342 Business Auditing and Assurance Services Autumn17
BUS802 Business BUS802 Autumn17
BUS802 Business BUS802 Autumn17
ECON947 Business Business Analytics Autumn17
Panagiotis, Ganotakis
MGNT102 Business Business Communications Autumn17
Koshy, Swapna
MGNT943 Business Business Innovation Plan Autumn17
COMM113 / OPS113 Business Business Oriented Information Systems Autumn17
Khan, Zeenath Reza
ACCY200 Business Company Accounting Autumn17
MGNT218 Business Competitive Analysis Autumn17
MARK217 Business Consumer Behavior Autumn17
Bhayani, Ali Mohamed
MARK936 Business Consumer Behavior Autumn17
Vel, Prakash
MGNT944 Business Contemporary Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs Autumn17
FIN222 Business Corporate Finance Autumn17
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
FIN222 Business Corporate Finance Autumn17
MGNT909 Business Corporate Governance Autumn17
Guruswany, Mohan
MARK301 Business Digital Marketing Autumn17
ECON100 Business Economics Essential for Business Autumn17
Shirazi, Asima
ECON928 (TBS905) Business Economics for Modern Business Autumn17
Shirazi, Asima
STAT291 Business Engineering Statistics Autumn17
Assane, Lo
ENVI030 Business Environmental Studies Autumn17
FIN925 Business FIN925 Autumn17
FIN932 Business FIN932 Autumn17
FIN941 Business FIN941 Autumn17
FIN957 Business FIN957 Autumn17
FIN958 Business FIN958 Autumn17
FIN324 Business Financial Statement Analysis Autumn17
AlHares, Osama
FIN924 Business Financial Statement Analysis for Business Autumn17
Lutfi, Munir Musa
FIN907 Business Financial Strategy Autumn17
Obay, Lamia
MATH015 Business Foundation Mathematics A Autumn17
MATH060 Business Foundation Mathematics for Business Autumn17
PHYS030 Business Foundation Physics Autumn17
MATH020 Business Foundations Mathematics B Autumn17
Tchantchane, Abdullatif
MATH141 Business Foundations of Engineering Mathematics Autumn17
Assane, Lo
OPS952 Business Implementing Quality Systems Autumn17
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
MGNT389 Business International Business Management Autumn17
Temouri, Yama
FIN351 Business International Finance Autumn17
Obay, Lamia
FIN241 Business International Financial Management Autumn17
MARK343 Business International Marketing Autumn17
Rami, Saleh
SOC103 Business Introduction Sociology Autumn17
ECON216 Business Introduction to International Economics Autumn17
MGNT110 Business Introduction to Management Autumn17
Watson, Alastair
ARTS035 Business Introduction to Philosophy Autumn17
PSYC015 Business Introduction to Psychology Autumn17
ECON240 Business Introductory Econometrics for Finance Autumn17
ECON111 Business Introductory Microeconomics Autumn17
Kaul, Nandini
FIN111 Business Introductory Principles of Finance Autumn17
Gupta, Namrata
FIN922 Business Investment Management Autumn17
Muhammed, Naeem
ISIT201 Business IT Security Autumn17
Gunasilan, Uma
MGNT969 Business Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection Autumn17
LAW101 Business Law, Business and Society Autumn17
Sarabdeen, Jawahitha
LAW970/FIN960 Business LAW970/FIN960 Autumn17
MGNT322 Business Learning and Development Organization Autumn17
OPS928/TBS928 Business Logistics Systems Management Autumn17
Sundarakani, Balan
ECON101 Business Macroeconomics Essential for Business Autumn17
Shirazi, Asima
ACCY211 Business Management Accounting 11 Autumn17
Jooste, Leonie
MGNT311 Business Management of Change Autumn17
Jayashree, Payyazhi
OPS953 Business Management of Service Quality Autumn17
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
OPS922 / MGNT922 Business Management Project Autumn17
Gomiscek, Bostjan
MGNT981 Business Managing in Multinational Companies Autumn17
Sehgal, Ritu
MARK920 Business MARK920 Autumn17
MARK956 Business MARK956 Autumn17
MARK957 Business MARK957 Autumn17
MARK980 Business MARK980 Autumn17
MARK904 Business Marketing for Strategic Decisions Autumn17
Onyia, Okey Peter
MARK344 Business Marketing Strategy Autumn17
Vel, Prakash
MARK935 Business Marketing Strategy Autumn17
Onyia, Okey Peter
MGNT908 Business MGNT908 Autumn17
Mumtaz, Sabiha
MGNT910 Business MGNT910 Autumn17
MGNT921 Business MGNT921 Autumn17
MGNT922 Business MGNT922 Autumn17
MGNT925 Business MGNT925 Autumn17
Sikdar, Arijit
MGNT926 Business MGNT926 Autumn17
Sikdar, Arijit
MGNT930 Business MGNT930 Autumn17
MGNT963 Business MGNT963 Autumn17
MGNT978 Business MGNT978 Autumn17
MIST920 Business MIST920 Autumn17
FIN928 Business Multinational Financial Management Autumn17
MGNT321 Business Occupational Health and Safety Management Autumn17
OPS808 Business Operations and Supply Chain Management Autumn17
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
OPS216 Business Operations Management Autumn17
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
OPS930 Business Operations Management Autumn17
OPS912 Business OPS912 Autumn17
OPS954 Business OPS954 Autumn17
MGNT803 Business Organizational Behavior & Management Autumn17
Mustafa, Mona
MGNT920 Business OrganizationalAnalysis Autumn17
Sehgal, Ritu
MARK101 Business Principles of Marketing Autumn17
Mustafa, Nermeen
MARK804 Business Principles of Marketing Management Autumn17
Vel, Prakash
COMM101 Business Principles of Responsible Commerce Autumn17
Khan, Zeenath Reza
CSCI114 / CSCI124 / CSIT111 Business Procedural Programming / Applied Programming Autumn17
OPS927 Business Process and Change Management Autumn17
Lasrado, Flevy
CSCI321 Business Project Autumn17
Lim, Hock Chuan
No required textbook
OPS950 Business Quality in Management Autumn17
Lasrado, Flevy
OPS958 Business Quality Management in Healthcare Autumn17
Gomiscek, Bostjan
ECON939 Business Quantitative Economic Analysis Autumn17
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
MGNT205 Business Recruitment and Selection Autumn17
MARK977 Business Research for Marketing Decisions Autumn17
Shen, Kathy
FIN960 Business Research in Financial Markets & Institutions Autumn17
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
MGNT351 Business Responsible Leadership Autumn17 No Text Required
Mark270 Business Services Marketing Autumn17
MGNT215 Business Small Business Management Autumn17
OPS951 / TBS951 Business Statistics for Quality Management Autumn17
Gomiscek, Bostjan
MGNT314 Business Strategic Management Autumn17
Sikdar, Arijit
OPS918 Business Strategic Supply Chain Management Autumn17
Sundarakani, Balan
OPS908 / TBS908 Business Supply Chain Management Autumn17
Sundarakani, Balan
ECON802 / BUS802 Business The Economics of Global Business Challenges Autumn17
Kaul, Nandini
Shirazi, Asima
CSCI236 Engineering 3D Mondelling and Animation Autumn17
Lim, Hock Chuan
GED020 Engineering Academic Study Skills 2 Autumn17
Koshy, Swapna
ISIT114 Engineering Business Programming 2 Autumn17
ECTE202 Engineering Circuits and Systems Autumn17 Dr. Mohamed Fareq Malek   
CSCI015 Engineering Computer Applications
Dagou Hajri, Sonia
ECTE364 Engineering Data Communication Autumn17
Al-Khatib, Obada
CSCI235 Engineering Database Autumn17
Oroumchian, Farhad
ISIT112 Engineering Database Autumn17
Oroumchian, Farhad
MATH291 Engineering Differencial Equation Autumn17
ECTE233 Engineering Digital Hardware Autumn17
Joel, Kennedy
ECTE301 Engineering Digital Signal Processing Autumn17
Fasciani, Stefano
MATH121 Engineering Discrete Mathematics Autumn17
Khelalfa, Halim
ECTE433 Engineering Embedded Systems Autumn17
Fasciani, Stefano
ENGG956 Engineering ENGG956 Autumn17
ENGG958 Engineering ENGG958 Autumn17
ENGG961 Engineering ENGG961 Autumn17
ECTE350 Engineering Engineering Design and Management Autumn17 No Text Required
ECTE250 Engineering Engineering design and mangement Autumn17
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ENGG105 Engineering Engineering Design and Sustainability Autumn17
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ECTE451 Engineering Engineering Project 1 Autumn17
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
ECTE458 Engineering Engineering Project 2 Autumn17
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
ENGG956 Engineering Financial Management for Engineered Assets Autumn17
Lutfi, Munir Musa
MATH070 Engineering Foundation Mathematics for CS and MIS Autumn17
MATH080 Engineering Foundation Mathematics for Engineers Autumn17
Assane, Lo
ENGG100 / ENGG102 Engineering Fundamentals of engineering mechanics Autumn17
Khaled, El-Akruti
CSCI346 Engineering Game Development Autumn17
Lim, Hock Chuan
CSCI224 Engineering Human Computer Interaction Autumn17
Oroumchian, Farhad
CSCI212 Engineering Interacting Systems Autumn17
CSCI131 Engineering Introduction to Computer Systems Autumn17
STAT015 Engineering Introduction to Statistics with Excel Autumn17
Choucair, Ziad
MARK205 Engineering Introductory Marketing Research Autumn17
ISIT901 Engineering ISIT901 Autumn17
ISIT937 Engineering ISIT937 Autumn17
ENGG103 Engineering Material in Design Autumn17
ECTE333 Engineering Microcontroller Architecture and Applications Autumn17
Fasciani, Stefano
No Text Required
ISIT318 Engineering MIS project Autumn17
Mathew Biju, Soly
MIST908 Engineering MIST908 Autumn17
MIST926 Engineering MIST926 Autumn17
MIST998 Engineering MIST998 Autumn17
MMC913 Engineering MMC913 Autumn17
ENGG953 Engineering Modelling of Engineering Management Systems Autumn17
ECTE401 Engineering Multimedia Signal Processing Autumn17
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
No Text Required
ECTE482 Engineering Network Engineering Autumn17
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
CSCI368 Engineering Network Security Autumn17
OPS933 Engineering OPS933 Autumn17
CSCI204 Engineering Oriented Programming and Frameworks Autumn17
ECTE412 Engineering Power Electronics Autumn17
ECTE423 Engineering Power System Analysis Autumn17
Joel, Kennedy
ISIT301 Engineering Professional Practice and Ethics Autumn17
Khan, Zeenath Reza
CSCI291 / CSCI192 Engineering Programming for Engineers / Engineering Programming 2 Autumn17
COMM121 Engineering Quantitative Methods Autumn17
Kaul, Nandini
ISIT100 Engineering Req. Deter. &System Analysis Autumn17
Gunasilan, Uma
CSCI311 Engineering Software Process Management Autumn17
Mathew Biju, Soly
ENGG954 Engineering Strategic Management for Engineers & Technologists Autumn17
Sikdar, Arijit
ISIT208 Engineering Strategic Systems Management Autumn17
Mohammad Yusof, Shafiz
CSCI262 Engineering System Security Autumn17
Khelalfa, Halim
ISIT102 Engineering Systems Autumn17
Khan, Zeenath Reza
MMC940 Engineering Transmedia Storytelling Autumn17
Smith, Dr. William

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