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Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
ACCY112 Business Accounting in Organisation Spring 19
Jooste, Leonie
ACCY231 Business Accounting Informations Systems Spring 19
Jooste, Leonie
ACCY111 Business ACCY111 Spring 19
FIN322 Business Advance Business Finance Spring 19
Obay, Lamia
FIN926 Business Advanced Managerial Finance Spring 19
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
CSCI203 Business Algorithms and data structure Spring 19
Khelalfa, Halim
FIN956 Business Banks Lending and Securities Spring 19
Obay, Lamia
OPS954 / OPS955 Business Business Excellence and Quality Management Systems Spring 19
Lasrado, Flevy
COMM113 / OPS113 Business Business Oriented Information Systems Spring 19
Khan, Zeenath Reza
MGNT922 Business Business Research Project Spring 19
MGNT922 / OPS922 Business Business Research project Spring 19
Gomiscek, Bostjan
MGNT925 Business Business Research Project (MBA) Spring 19
Sikdar, Arijit
MGNT915 Business Change Management Spring 19
Jayashree, Payyazhi
COMM331 Business COMM331 Spring 19 No Textbook
ECTE432 Business Computer Architecture Spring 19
Fasciani, Stefano
MARK217 Business Consumer Behavior Spring 19
Bhayani, Ali Mohamed
MGNT944 Business Contemporary Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs Spring 19
Jayashree, Payyazhi
OPS350 Business Continuous Quality Improvement Spring 19
Lasrado, Flevy
FIN222 Business Corporate Finance Spring 19
Saleem, Dr. Kashif
MGNT909 Business Corporate Governance Spring 19
Guruswany, Mohan
MARK956 Business Creating and Marketing New Products Spring 19
Shen, Kathy
CSCI361 Business Cryptography and Secure Applications Spring 19
Khelalfa, Halim
Temouri, Yama
No Textbook
ECON100 Business ECON100 Spring 19
ECON102 Business ECON102 Spring 19
ECON251 Business ECON251 Spring 19
FIN959 Business Enterprise Risk Management Spring 19
Saedvandi, Ali
ENVI030 Business Environmental Studies Spring 19
FIN958 Business FIN958 Spring 19
ACCY201 Business Financial accounting IIB Spring 19
Jooste, Leonie
ACCY305 Business Financial accounting lll Spring 19
PHYS030 Business Foundation Physics Spring 19
CSCI356 Business Game engine Fundamentals Spring 19
CSCI336 Business Graphics Spring 19
MGNT908 Business Human Resource Spring 19
OPS952 Business Implementing Quality Systems Spring 19
Abu-Salim, Taghreed
MGNT942 Business Insights into Innovation and Entrepreneurship Spring 19
Panagiotis, Ganotakis
MARK333 Business Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Spring 19
Bhayani, Ali Mohamed
ACCY328 Business Interantional Taxation Spring 19
LUTFI, Aoun Munir Musa
MGNT341 Business International and Comparative humzn Resource Management Spring 19
Mustafa, Mona
MGNT926 Business International Business Strategy Spring 19
Sikdar, Arijit
Temouri, Yama
Temouri, Yama
MIST940 Business International Law and Diplomacy Spring 19
MARK957 Business International Marketing Strategy Spring 19
Onyia, Okey Peter
SOC103 Business Introduction Sociology Spring 19
MGNT110 Business Introduction to Management Spring 19
Watson, Alastair
ARTS035 Business Introduction to Philosophy Spring 19
PSYC015 Business Introduction to Psychology Spring 19
FIN111 Business Introductory Principles of Finance Spring 19
Gupta, Namrata
FIN223 Business Investment Analysis Spring 19
Lutfi, Munir Musa
ARTS017 Business Islamic Culture Spring 19 No Textbook
LAW101 Business Law, Business and Society Spring 19
Sarabdeen, Jawahitha
MGNT903 Business Leading in Contemporary Organisations Spring 19
Mustafa, Mona
No Required Textbook
MATH253 Business Linear Algebra Spring 19
Assane, Lo
OPS928/TBS928 Business Logistics Systems Management Spring 19
Sundarakani, Balan
ECON332 Business Managerial Economics and Operations Spring 19
MGNT900 Business Managerial Skills and Concepts Spring 19
Zakaria, Norhayati
MGNT210 Business Managing Across Cultures Spring 19
Zakaria, Norhayati
MGNT206 Business Managing Human Resources Spring 19
Mumtaz, Sabiha
MGNT981 Business Managing in Multinational Companies Spring 19
Sehgal, Ritu
MARK938 Business Managing Services & Relationship Marketing Spring 19
Vel, Prakash
MARK940 Business Marketing Communications Spring 19
Shen, Kathy
MARK344 Business Marketing Strategy Spring 19
Vel, Prakash
MGNT207 Business MGNT207 Spring 19
MIST962 Business MIST962 Spring 19
MIST966 Business MIST966 Spring 19
OPS808 Business Operations and Supply Chain Management Spring 19
OPS930 Business Operations Management Spring 19
Manikas, Ioannis
OPS216 Business OPS216 Spring 19
MGNT201 Business Organisational Behavior Spring 19
Thirlwall, Alison Tonia
MGNT220 Business Organizational Analysis Spring 19
Sehgal, Ritu
MGNT803 Business Organizational Behavior & Management Spring 19
Mumtaz, Sabiha
MGNT949 Business Performance Managment Spring 19
Mustafa, Mona
FIN323 Business Portfolio Management Spring 19
CSIT114 Business Procedural Programming / Applied Programming Spring 19
Mohammad Yusof, Shafiz
OPS935 Business Project Management Spring 19
OPS950 Business Quality in Management Spring 19
Lasrado, Flevy
OPS958 Business Quality Management in Healthcare Spring 19
Gomiscek, Bostjan
MARK977 Business Research for Marketing Decisions Spring 19
Nyadzayo, Munyaradzi
MARK997 Business Retail Marketing Management Spring 19
Mustafa, Nermeen
OPS951 / TBS951 Business Statistics for Quality Management Spring 19
Gomiscek, Bostjan
MGNT921 Business Strategic Decision Making Spring 19
Guruswany, Mohan
MGNT930 Business Strategic Human Resource Management Spring 19
OPS918 Business Strategic Supply Chain Management Spring 19
Sundarakani, Balan
OPS908 Business Supply Chain Management Spring 19
Sundarakani, Balan
CSCI222 Business System Development Spring 19
MARK395 Business Tourism Marketing Spring 19
OMahony, Barry
ECTE203 Engineering Circuits and Systems Spring 19 Dr. Mohamed Fareq Malek   
ECTE363 Engineering Communication Systems Spring 19
Fasciani, Stefano
ECTE344 Engineering Control Theory Spring 19
CSCI235 Engineering Database Spring 19
Oroumchian, Farhad
MARK901 Engineering Digital Marketing Spring 19
Shen, Kathy
ENGG104 Engineering Electrical systems Spring 19
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
ECTE213 Engineering Electromagnetics Spring 19
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek
ECTE212 Engineering Electronics Spring 19
AbdulAziz, Nidhal
ENGG100 Engineering ENGG100 Spring 19
ENGG955 Engineering Engineering Research Methods Spring 19 No Textbook
ENGG956 Engineering Financial Management for Engineered Assets Spring 19
Lutfi, Munir Musa
MATH070 Engineering Foundation Mathematics for CS and MIS Spring 19
Choucair, Ziad
No Textbook
ENGG102 Engineering Fundamentals of engineering mechanics Spring 19
Khaled, El-Akruti
EESC252 Engineering Geology for Engineers 1 Spring 19
CSIT226 Engineering HCI Spring 19
ISIT908 Engineering Information Technology Governance & Organization Issues Spring 19
Lim, Hock Chuan
ENGG950 Engineering Innovation and Design Spring 19
Barachi, Mai El
ISIT204 Engineering ISIT204 Spring 19
Mohammad Yusof, Shafiz
ISIT917 Engineering ISIT917 Spring 19
ENGG953 Engineering Modelling of Engineering Management Systems Spring 19
Tchantchane, Abdullatif
EDGS916 Engineering Models Of Behaviour Management Spring 19
CSIT121 Engineering Object Oriented Design & Programming Spring 19
PHYS143 Engineering Physics for Engineers Spring 19
Tchantchane, Abdullatif
ECTE323 Engineering Power engionnerinh ll Spring 19
Joel, Kennedy
ISIT946 Engineering Project and Change Management Spring 19
Jaafar, Kamal
Mohammad Yusof, Shafiz
COMM121 Engineering Quantitative Methods Spring 19
Tchantchane, Abdullatif
ENGG954 Engineering Strategic Management for Engineers & Technologists Spring 19
Sikdar, Arijit
MECH252 Engineering Thermodynamics, Experimental methods and analysis Spring 19
ECTE465 Engineering Wireless Communication Systems Spring 19
Mohd Fareq, Abd Malek

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