Bodie, Zvi

Essentials of investments Zvi Bodie ; Alex Kane ; Alan J. Marcus - 9th ed. - New York, NY : McGraw-Hill/Irwin, c2013. - xxviii, 743, i-22 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

Includes index.

Part 1: Elements of Investments1- Investments: Background and Issues2- Asset Classes and Financial Instruments3- Securities Markets4- Mutual Funds and Other Investment CompaniesPart 2: Portfolio Theory5- Risk and Return: Past and Prologue6- Efficient Diversification7- Capital Asset Pricing and Arbitrage Pricing Theory8- The Efficient Market Hypothesis9- Behavioral Finance and Technical AnalysisPart 3: Debt Securities10- Bond Prices and Yields11- Managing Bond PortfoliosPart 4: Security Analysis12- Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis13- Equity Valuation14- Financial Statement AnalysisPart 5: Derivative Markets15- Options Markets16- Option Valuation17- Futures Markets and Risk ManagementPart 6: Active Investment Management18- Portfolio Performance Evaluation 19- Globalization and International Investing 20- Hedge Funds21- Taxes, Inflation, and Investment Strategy 22- Investors and the Investment Process.

Emphasizes asset allocation while presenting the practical applications of investment theory. In this book, the authors have eliminated unnecessary mathematical detail and concentrate on the intuition and insights that will be useful to practitioners throughout their careers as new ideas and challenges emerge from the financial marketplace.





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