Kraemer, Helena Chmura

How many subjects? : statistical power analysis in research / Helena Chmura Kraemer; Christine Blasey - 2nd ed. - Los Angeles : Sage Publicastions, Inc., c2016. - xiii, 140 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 129-131) and index.

The rules of the game -- General concepts -- The pivotal case : interclass correlation -- Equality of means : Z- and T-test, balanced anova -- Correlation coefficients -- Linear regression analysis -- Homogeneity of variance tests -- Binomial tests -- Contingency table analysis -- Wrap-up.

With increased emphasis on helping readers understand the context in which power calculations are done, this Second Edition of How Many Subjects? by Helena Chmura Kraemer and Christine Blasey introduces a simple technique of statistical power analysis that allows researchers to compute approximate sample sizes and power for a wide range of research designs. Because the same technique is used with only slight modifications for different statistical tests, researchers can then easily compare the sample sizes required by different designs and tests to make cost-effective decisions in planning a study. These comparisons demonstrate important principles of design, measurement, and analysis that are rarely discussed in courses or textbooks, making this book a valuable instructional resource as well as a must-have guide for frequent reference.



Research--Statistical methods
Statistical power analysis

Q180.55.S7 / K73 2016


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