Taylor, Bernard W.

Introduction to management science Bernard W. Taylor III - 12th global ed. - Boston : Pearson, c2016. - xx, 837 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Includes index.

Preface * Management Science * Linear Programming: Model Formulation and Graphical Solution * Linear Programming: Computer Solution and Sensitivity Analysis * Linear Programming: Modeling Examples * Integer Programming * Transportation, Transshipment, and Assignment Problems * Network Flow Models * Project Management * Multicriteria Decision Making * Nonlinear Programming * Probability and Statistics * Decision Analysis * Queuing Analysis * Simulation * Forecasting * Inventory Management Appendix A: Normal and Chi-Square Tables Appendix B: Setting Up and Editing a Spreadsheet Site Modules Appendix C: The Poisson and Exponential Distributions Solutions to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems Glossary Index The following items can be found on the Companion Website that accompanies this text: Website Modules * Module A: The Simplex Solution Method * Module B: Transportation and Assignment Solution Methods * Module C: Integer Programming: The Branch and Bound Method * Module D: Nonlinear Programming Solution Techniques * Module E: Game Theory * Module F: Markov Analysis.

Using simple, straightforward examples to present complex mathematical concepts, Introduction to Management Science gives students a strong foundation in how to logically approach decision-making problems. Sample problems are used liberally throughout the text to facilitate the learning process and demonstrate different quantitative techniques. Management Science presents modeling techniques that are used extensively in the business world and provides a useful framework for problem-solving that students can apply in the workplace.



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