Visser, H.M.

Logistics : principles and practice H.M. Visser, A.R. van Goor - London : Routledge, 2016. - 452 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

Study Guide Part I: Logistics: the start 1. Logistics Subsystems 2. Logistics Framework Part II: The Demand Side of Logistics 3. Market and e-Commerce 4. Product and Process Part III: Logistics Techniques 5. Basic Principles and Demand Forecasting 6. Inventory Management Part IV: The Supply Side of Logistics 7. Purchasing and e-Procurement 8. Production and ERP 9. Distribution: Inventory and Transport 10. Distribution and Warehousing 11. Recycling and Reverse Logistics Part V: Integration 12. From Logistics to Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Logistics: Principles & Practice is a general introduction to the subject. This specialized field is fast moving – fulfilling orders on time is of crucial importance in the modern age of internet economy and just-in-time production.


Logistics Techniques
Supply Chain Management

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