Bolman, Lee G.

Reframing organizations : artistry, choice and leadership Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal - 6th ed. - New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, c2017. - xviii, 492 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

Preface ix Acknowledgments xv PART ONE Making Sense of Organizations 1 1 Introduction: The Power of Reframing 3 2 Simple Ideas, Complex Organizations 25 PART TWO The Structural Frame 43 3 Getting Organized 45 4 Structure and Restructuring 71 5 Organizing Groups and Teams 93 PART THREE The Human Resource Frame 113 6 People and Organizations 115 7 Improving Human Resource Management 135 8 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics 157 PART FOUR The Political Frame 179 9 Power, Conflict, and Coalition 181 10 The Manager as Politician 201 11 Organizations as Political Arenas and Political Agents 217 PART F I V E The Symbolic Frame 235 12 Organizational Symbols and Culture 239 13 Culture in Action 265 14 Organization as Theater 279 PART S I X Improving Leadership Practice 295 15 Integrating Frames for Effective Practice 297 16 Reframing in Action: Opportunities and Perils 313 17 Reframing Leadership 325 18 Reframing Change in Organizations 359 19 Reframing Ethics and Spirit 385 20 Bringing It All Together: Change and Leadership in Action 399 Epilogue: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership 419 Appendix: The Best of Organizational Studies 423 Bibliography 427 The Authors 467 Name Index 469 Subject Index 481.

Reframing Organizations provides time–tested guidance for more effective organizational leadership. Rooted in decades of social science research across multiple disciplines, Bolman and Deal′s four–frame model has continued to evolve since its conception over 25 years ago; this new sixth edition has been updated to include coverage of cross–sector collaboration, generational differences, virtual environments, globalization, sustainability, and communication across cultures. The Instructor′s guide has been expanded to provide additional tools for the classroom, including chapter summary tip sheets, mini–assessments, Bolman & Deal podcasts, and more. These recent revisions reflect the intersection of reader recommendations and the current leadership environment, resulting in a renewed practicality and even greater alignment with everyday application.



Organizational behavior

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