Smith, Russell E.

Electricity for refrigeration, heating and air conditioning Russell E. Smith - 10th ed. - Australia : Cengage, 2019. - xii, 692 p. : ill., ; 28 cm.

1. Electrical Safety.2. Basic Electricity.3. Electrical Circuits.4. Electric Meters.5. Components, Symbols, and Circuitry of Air-Conditioning Wiring Diagrams.6. Reading Schematic Diagrams.7. Alternating Current, Power Distribution, and Voltage Systems.8. Basic Electric Motors.9. Components for Electric Motors.10. Contactors, Relays, and Overloads.11. Thermostats, Pressure Switches, and Other Electric Control Devices.12. Electronic Control Devices.13. Heating Control Devices.14. Troubleshooting Electric Control Devices.15. Residential Air-Conditioning Control Systems.16. Installation of Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration Systems.17. Commercial and Industrial Air-Conditioning Control Systems.18. Troubleshooting Refrigeration, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Control Circuits and Systems.



Electrical engineering
Air conditioning

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