Kirtley, James L.

Electric Power Principles : sources, conversion, distribution & use James L. Kirtley - New Delhi : Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., 2010. - xii, 391 p. : illustrations ; 25 cm.

Electric power systems --
AC voltage, current and power --
Transmission lines --
Polyphase systems --
Electrical and magnetic circuits --
Transformers --
Polyphase lines and single-phase equivalents --
Electromagnetic forces and loss mechanisms --
Synchronous machines --
System analysis and protection --
Load flow --
Power electronics and convertors in power systems --
Induction machines --
DC (commutator) machines --
Permanent magnets in electric devices.

This innovative approach to the fundamentals of electric power provides the most rigorous, comprehensive and modern treatment available. To impart a thorough grounding in electric power systems, it begins with an informative discussion on per-unit normalizations, symmetrical components and iterative load flow calculations.

Covering important topics within the power system, such as protection and DC transmission, this book looks at both traditional power plants and those used for extracting sustainable energy from wind and sunlight.


Power systems
Electric power production

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