Roth, Charles H.

Fundamentals of logic design Charles H. Roth, ; Larry L. Kinney - 7th ed. - Cengage Learning, c2021. - p.

Master the principles of logic design with the exceptional balance of theory and application found in Roth/Kinney/John's FUNDAMENTALS OF LOGIC DESIGN, ENHANCED, 7th Edition. This edition introduces you to today's latest advances. The authors have carefully developed a clear presentation that introduces the fundamental concepts of logic design without overwhelming you with the mathematics of switching theory. Twenty engaging, easy-to-follow study units present basic concepts, such as Boolean algebra, logic gate design, flip-flops and state machines. You learn to design counters, adders, sequence detectors and simple digital systems. After mastering the basics, you progress to modern design techniques using programmable logic devices as well as VHDL hardware description language.

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Logic design

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