King, Rochelle

Designing with data: improving user experience with A/B testing Rochelle King, Elizabeth F. Churchill, Caitlin Tan - Sebastopol : O'reilly & Associates Inc, c2017. - xxvii, 337 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

[ Foreword ]; [ Preface ]; Introducing a Data Mindset; Data as a Trend; Three Ways to Think About Data; What Does This Mean for You as a Designer?; Data Can Help to Align Design with Business; With a Little Help from Your Friends…; What If You Don't Have Data Friends (Yet)?; Themes You'll See in This Book; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself; The ABCs of Using Data; The Diversity of Data ; Why Experiment?; Basics of Experimentation; A/​B Testing: Online Experiments; Your Hypothesis and Why It Matters; Running Creative A/​B Tests; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself.
A Framework for ExperimentationIntroducing Our Framework; Three Phases: Definition, Execution, and Analysis; Examples: Data and Design in Action; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself; The Definition Phase (How to Frame Your Experiments); Getting Started: Defining Your Goal; Identifying the Problem You Are Solving; Building Hypotheses for the Problem at Hand; The Importance of Going Broad; Which Hypotheses to Choose?; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself; The Execution Phase (How to Put Your Experiments into Action); Designing to Learn; Designing the Best Representation of Your Hypothesis; Summary.
Questions to Ask YourselfThe Analysis Phase (Getting Answers From Your Experiments); Vetting Your Designs Ahead of Launch; Launching Your Design; Evaluating Your Results; What Does the Data Say?; Rolling Out Your Experience, or Not; Case Study: Netflix on PlayStation 3; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself; Creating the Right Environment for Data-Aware Design; Principle 1: Shared Company Culture and Values; Principle 2: Hiring and Growing the Right People; Principle 3: Processes to Support and Align; Summary; Questions to Ask Yourself; Conclusion; Ethical Considerations ; Last Words; Resources.

This practical guide shows you how to conduct data-driven A/B testing for making design decisions on everything from small tweaks to large-scale UX concepts. Complete with real-world examples, this book shows you how to make data-driven design part of your product design workflow.


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