Trías de Bes, Fernando

Winning at innovation : the A-to-F model Fernando Trías de Bes, Philip Kotler - Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, c2015. - xx, 272 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

1. Introduction 2. Entrepreneurial Barriers To Innovation PART I 3. Overall Picture Of The A-To-F Model 4. Activators 5. Browsers 6. Creators 7. Developers 8. Executors 9. Facilitators 10. The Advantages Of Designing Innovation Processes With The A-To-F Model 11. Annex I - Examples Of Processes Design Using The A-To-F Model 12. Annex II - Detail Of Collaboration Tasks And Examples PART II 13. Planning Innovation 14. Metrics 15. How To Foster a Creative Culture 16. Incentive And Rewards

Innovation is a responsibility normally assigned to R&D departments but this is not enough. Companies need a systematic framework so innovation can occur at different levels of the organization. Trias de Bes and Kotler present a unique, flexible A-F model for innovation for all companies that want to succeed in the global field


Technological innovations--Management

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