Kervin, Lisa

Research for educators Lisa Kervin ... [et al.] - 2nd ed. - South Melbourne, Victoria : Cengage Learning Australia, c2016. - xiii, 180 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.

1. Research and inquiry for educational professionals
2. Mapping the research process
3. Approaches to educational research
4. First steps in the research and inquiry process
5. Planning your research
6. Collecting data: techniques and principles
7. Preparing and organising data
8. Analysing data : principles and techniques
9. Communicating research
10. Educators and research : a final word.

Research plays a powerful role in shaping effective teaching and learning experiences. By demystifying the research process, Research for Educators assists readers to develop and use research skills in a range of educational contexts. This introductory text steps the reader through the research process from identifying an initial question for research through to communicating the findings. It encourages educators to become discerning consumers of research, as well as active participants, in order to make informed decisions about classroom practices. Using examples from their own work in a range of educational fields, the authors explore the practices required to conduct quality research that is valid, reliable, ethical useful and socially responsible. Throughout, they emphasise the link between reflective practice and being a researcher in the classroom.


Teacher effectiveness

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